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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long has Classroom Ready been publishing teaching resources?

    Classroom Ready has been supporting teachers and students with top quality resources since 2002.
    Currently over 1000 schools subscribe to our Monthly News, Weekly News and Science News, with 80000 students reading and engaging with the material every month.

    If you have any questions that are not answered here, please email us at [email protected] or call us toll free at 1-866-888-8968

    Do you offer schools an option to sample any of the publications?

    We are happy to offer a complimentary copy of our publications at

    You can also preview digital samples of our book selection on the site.

    What are the benefits of subscribing to the Classroom Ready publications?
    • Our publications support different learning abilities from grade 3 to 5, grade 5 to 7 and 8 to 10.
    • We select subjects of high interest to students and are written to improve reading comprehension.
    • Our articles keep students highly engaged and improve reading comprehension.
    Do you offer any additional classroom resources to support teachers?

    Yes, we offer various complementary resources on our site that support the Kindergarten Activity Book. Please visit for a free download. Check back regularly for the latest editions.

    We also publish Dynamic Math books which are available for grades 3 to 12 aligned to the curriculum in each province in Canada. Visit for details.

    Can you tell us about the authors?

    Elaine Tan Comeau and Natalia Oliver are both elementary school teachers. The love for teaching is clearly evident in the books.

    There are 8 authors and artists for the CRITR books. Check out information and the author profiles on this site.

    Where can I purchase Classroom Ready books?

    Our books may be purchased directly on from your local Staples store. The book may also be purchased on

    What other subjects and teaching resources does your company offer?

    In addition to the Kindergarten Activity Book, we offer Science and Social Studies Current Events publications. These publications serve to improve Reading Comprehension and critical thinking in students.

    We also offer educational resources about the topics of Truth & Reconciliation, Canadian Indigenous history, Residential Schools, Treaties and Indigenous contributions. Our Connecting – Resilience – Indigenous Truth & Reconciliation “CRITR’ workbooks are available for Grade 5 to 7 and Grade 8 to 10 reading levels.

    Do teachers get a discount for buying classroom sets?

    We do offer a teacher discount. With a purchase of 10 or more books, we offer a $5 per book discount. This offer is available for all Classroom Ready books we offer, including the Kindergarten Activity Books and CRITR books.

    Does the book match the provincial curriculum requirements?

    Our Kindergarten Activity book is aligned to the curriculum in each province, and we detail the learning outcomes for math and language arts in the book.

    What makes the Classroom Ready Kindergarten Activity Book a great choice for teachers and
    • The book provides a full year of learning, reading, writing and math learning activity pages that fully align to the provincial curriculum for all provinces. (not available for Quebec)
    • We included curricular and core competencies to ensure kids are communicating, listening, making connections to themselves, problem solving and thinking creatively.
    • The book serves as an assessment tool, a scrapbook and makes a great keepsake for parents at the end of the year.