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    Love the monthly news!!! We have great conversations that spark from the topics. The reading level is great for most grade 4’s.

    We love this resource!

    Thank you:) It’s great and meaningful for busy teachers:)

    Really valued the Classroom Ready Monthly news this past year during intermittent times of remote learning. It gave our students something familiar when learning from home, and helped us sustain connections via our digital platform. The online flip-book was quite valuable during remote learning times.

    The activities and topics are educational and interesting. Students of all levels can follow along. I use the publication weekly. I would love for the grade 3 -5 publication to go all  the way until the end of May or June.

    The reading level of our students is lower, so we use the younger version of the publication.  This works well for our school.

    My students look forward to the Monthly News…a good variety of articles which touch on many curriculum objectives. it is great for reading comprehension and for discussion for our students whose strength is in that area.