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    Meet Bizzy

    Hi, I am Bizzy the Beaver!

    I am always busy learning and playing. I am here to help you grow by completing the Classroom Ready Activity Book! You will find me in the pages of this kindergarten book, ready to share new things for us to learn!

    Age: 5
    Height: 96cm / 3'2"
    Home: Wooded river
    Loves: Wood pencils, swimming, building dams, learning new things, and playing lots of games.
    Meet Bizzy

    Additional Resources Available

    Download these Bizzy & Friends colouring pages to keep your toddler busy for hours!
    Print this template, fill it out and get your camera! Repeat frequently!
    Teach your little student about the difference between big and small!
    Get this template and put your budding artist to work. This is a wonderful keepsake!
    Practice makes perfect. Download this template to learn to write your name!
    Lights, Camera, Action! Download this bonus template, fill it out and share!
    Download, colour and celebrate the first 100 days of Kindergarten!
    Record what your little Einstein learned during their first 100 days of Kindergarten!

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