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    Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation Workbook

    Connecting – Resilience – Indigenous Truth & Reconciliation ‘CRITR’ Workbooks

    CRITR provides dozens of lessons and 100s of questions covering important topics including: Indigenous Canadian History, Residential Schools, Indigenous Contributions past and present, Treaties and Indigenous Days of Recognition in Canada.


    Dear Teachers, 

    We crafted this resource with teachers in mind. We thoughtfully considered and directed our creative efforts to meet the expressed needs of all teachers.

    Our goal was to create a resource that addresses social emotional needs of students and incorporates Indigenous perspectives, cultures, arts, and knowledge.

    We believe teachers want something that is to the point and user-friendly, and also has a nice balance between teacher-led information sharing and individual and group student activities.

    The diversity of Indigenous Peoples makes it challenging to create a resource that is relevant to everyone everywhere.


    We worked to have a geographical balance as well as to include recommendations of variations to modify the materials based on location. This allows teachers in any location to work with the material and make it more applicable to where they live and teach.

    Our resource serves to support a teacher who may be overwhelmed yet wants to make meaningful progress and do something.

    We trust you will find this book useful, valuable, and engaging for you and your students.

    CRITR Hummingbird

    The hummingbird represents love and light

    It is also the most unique creature on this earth, because it is the only bird that can fly backwards. It is unique, just like this book.

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