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    Indigenous Truth and Reconciliation Workbook

    Connecting – Resilience – Indigenous Truth & Reconciliation ‘CRITR’ Workbooks

    CRITR provides dozens of lessons and 100s of questions covering important topics including: Indigenous Canadian History, Residential Schools, Indigenous Contributions past and present, Treaties and Indigenous Days of Recognition in Canada.


    Dear parents and Guardians 

    What is reconciliation? What does reconciliation mean to you and your family? We need to know what reconciliation means. We will not truly understand what it is and what actions we must take without education.

    While researching and interviewing people, the Orange Shirt Society determined that there are many views of reconciliation and that they are all valid. The view of reconciliation is very personal. It will depend on experiences, cultural heritage, upbringing, education, and where people live.


    As you and your children walk your personal journey of reconciliation, we challenge you to participate in discussions and think about how reconciliation may affect your family, your child’s school, and your community.

    There is no right and wrong way to explore reconciliation. The only wrong view is to
    ignore it. When people know better, they can do better.

    Our hope is that children will learn about what happened to Indigenous Peoples in
    Canada, and that as they understand they will empathize, and they will make sure
    it never happens again.

    CRITR Hummingbird

    The hummingbird represents love and light

    It is also the most unique creature on this earth, because it is the only bird that can fly backwards. It is unique, just like this book.

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