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    Weekly News Grades 5,6,7

    For Grades 5 to 7

    Our publications assist teachers to integrate current events and issues into their classroom, helping students to make connections between themselves and the world around them– provincially, nationally, and globally.

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    Included with subscription: 

    • 35 issues per year — September to June (Weekly issues are released on Thursday afternoons.)
    • 5 to 7 pages per week
    • PDF and online Flipbook version
    • School-wide license to reproduce
    • Videos for your students
    • One high-interest articles per week
    • Contains lessons, political cartoon, map activity, vocabulary, and answer key
    • Student version PDF without the answer key that can be distributed to your students

    Classroom Ready Publications... 

    • Support different learning abilities and styles
    • Provide topics that capture attention and sustain interest
    • Improve reading comprehension
    • Enhance critical thinking in students
    • Contain news articles, questions and answers, and map activities