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    Kindergarten Activity Book & Keepsake

    Cirriculum 100% Curriculum Correlation

    The ultimate book for Kids, Parents, and Teachers!

    The Classroom Ready Activity Book was written by teachers to cover the scope of the kindergarten curriculum.

    The book includes instruction pages for introducing new ideas like Canadian coins, story concepts, and math vocabulary.

    The book is full of activities to make learning fun and includes visual instructions for early learners.


    Hello Teachers 

    The curriculum covers a lot of content and offers a lot of flexibility with big ideas and core competencies. The Classroom Ready Activity Book provides of variety of learning activity pages that cover the scope of the kindergarten curriculum. We have also included the curricular and core competencies so that children using these pages are:

    • Communicating
    • Listening
    • Making Connections to Self
    • Problem Solving
    • Thinking Creatively


    Use it as an Assessment Tool

    The Classroom Ready Activity Book can help you to assess your students’ work in your language arts and math units. Reuse the pages in the book throughout the year to see how your students have improved. The learning outcomes will direct you to pages that work well as assessment, show you how they connect to the curriculum, and link to report card comments.

    Use it as a Scrapbook

    You can use the Classroom Ready Activity Book to keep your students¬∑’ progress all in one place. Date the pages so that you can see your students’ progress throughout the school year. At the end of the year, give each student their book to take home as a keepsake that shows what they have learned and how they have progressed.

    Use it to Show Parents

    Make it easier to communicate how students are learning by using the pages in the book to show parents their child’s progress in kindergarten. Use pages to show examples of the kinds of learning activities that reinforce the skills you are teaching in the classroom. Use the learning outcomes to help you share what your students have mastered.

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